Retrieve License Code

Thank you for subscribing

  • Enter the order number or the email you used to place the order.
  • Wrong number
  • Have not received the registration code after your purchase.
  • The code was lost during a computer crash or change.
  • A new registration code is required after upgrading the product.

A Warm Reminder

  • If you purchase the product from our agency, you would not retrieve the code as they don't share customer information with us.
  • If you purchase the product from App store, you don't need a code, just launch App store and go to Purchase tab to use it directly.
  • If you've placed the order successfully but it prompts "order does not exist" when you try to search, please allow 30~60 minutes until the order goes into effect in our database. If you don't receive the code after 2 hours, please contact our Support team for further assistance.

Registration Code FAQs

Under general circumstances, the platform will send you a confirmation email that contains your order details, registration information and download URL within one hour once you placed an order.

Please confirm if the order was placed successfully and ensure that you typed the correct Email address. Also, please check the SPAM folder in case it has been tagged as SPAM.

If you do not receive the confirmation E-mail even after 12 hours, this could be caused by the internet problem or system glitches. Please contact our Support Team and provide your order Email, order ID or order receipt. We will reply within 48 hours.

Make sure you have ordered the correct product. Copy and Paste the registration E-mail and code to the registration box. Note that the registration email is case sensitive, make sure all the letters are lower case.

Check if your subscription has been canceled, if yes, you can apply to our payment platform to update it. The registration code will remain valid as long as your subscription is active.

Check if you are using the exact email with which you signed in on the payment page for delivery. Go to the Registration Code section, input your order email, hit search to retrieve the delivery.