How to use PDNob Image Translator

Part 1. How to Use

1.1 Image to Text

  • STEP1: Press Ctrl+I, or right-click the icon in the tray area and select Import Images.
  • STEP2: Select one or more photos to OCR in the program. The result will be show on the right side. Click the Translate icon to translate the result if needed.
  • image to text

1.2 Screenshot to Text

  • STEP1: Press Ctrl+Alt+Z for Win and CMD+1 for Mac, or right-click the icon in the tray area , to activate screenshot function.
  • screenshot
  • STEP2: Drag your mouse to select the portion of the screen to OCR. The result will pop up and you can edit, copy and translate it.
  • translation

1.3 Batch OCR

  • STEP1: Press Ctrl+B for Win, or right-click the icon in the tray area and select Batch OCR. A panel will appear.
  • batch ocr
  • STEP2: You may either choose to use keyboard shortcut to take more than one screenshots or click on Import to upload more than one images to OCR.

Part 2: Settings


Right-click the tray icon, click on Setting to open the panel. And you will see 2 options. One is General, and the other is Hotkeys. Let’s go through them one by one.

2.1 General


For the upper part, you can activate the function by click on the checkbox before each option. For the low part, you can customize the programming, detect and translate language, which means the program will run by default according to your presets.

  • Copy recognition result to clipboard: The recognition result will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
  • Copy translate result to clipboard: The translation result will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
  • Auto translate after recognition: The recognition result will be automatically translated to the other language according to your preset Translate language.
  • Hide recognize window: The recognition windows won’t pop up and the recognition result will be copied to your clipboard automatically.
  • Hide user interface: The user interface won’t appear. You can either use keyboard shortcuts, or right click the tray icon to activate OCR function.

2.2 Hotkeys


You can customize keyboard shortcuts to your liking. The program supports up to 3 keys combination. For Windows users, the default screenshot shortcut key is Ctrl+Alt+Z; the default batch OCR shortcut key is Ctrl+B; the default import images shortcut key is Ctrl+I. For Mac users, only screenshot shortcut (CMD+1) is supported. And you might need to go to the tray icon to use the other 2 functions.

Part 3. Download Problem (For Mac users)

  • STEP1: In the launchpad, click the icon to open the program.
  • launchpad
  • STEP2: Click to open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording > give the permission to PDNob Image Translator.
  • system preference
  • STEP3: Check and restart PDNob Image Translator.
  • security privacy

Now, you can copy image or PDF text on the Mac anytime you want.