How to Use PDNob Image Translator

Part 1: How to Use

Step 1: Download and Installation

You can go to our official page to download the software, or simply click on the 100% safe download button below to download PDNob Image Translator.

If you're Windows users, you can skip the second part and click here to jump to step 3.

Step 2: Start and Give Permission

1. In the launchpad, click the icon to open the program.


2. Click to open [System Preferences] > [Security & Privacy] > [Privacy] > [Screen Recording ] > give the permission to PDNob Image Translator.

system preference

3. Check and restart PDNob Image Translator.

security privacy

Now, you can copy image or PDF text on the Mac anytime you want. Just use the following 2 step.

Step 3: Screenshot and OCR

1. For Mac users, use shortcut key [Command+1] to run the screenshot function. For Windows users, use shortcut key [Ctrl+LMenu+Z].

commancd 1

2. Then hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to select the text capture zoon.


3. After selecting, click the ESC button, it will be regarded as giving up the screenshot.

4. When the image OCR recognition is finished, you can check the text on the popup box.

5. The OCR content supports editing and copying.

Step 4: Translate

Then you can click the translation icon to translate the OCR text if you need.

The translation content supports editing and copying.


Part 2: Settings

Click on “Settings”, and there are two options for you to set.

(1) Universal

After chcking "Launch at startup", the program will start automatically after startup, and the default state is checked.

After checking the "Copy text results" option, the text will be automatically copied after each OCR recognition. The default state is checked.

When you click the "Translate language", the language options that support translation will appear. If there is any change, the translation language on the home page will also be changed accordingly. if there is translated text on the home page, after changing the "Translate language" option, the text is translated again.

When clicking the “Close” button, all settings take effect immediately once modified.

general setting

(2) Hotkeys

When clicking "Screenshot & Recognize", press any key on the keyboard (displayed as 'Ctrl A 1'), and the shortcut key will be modified accordingly. The default screenshot shortcut key is ⌘+1 for Mac and Ctrl+LMenu+Z for Windows.

Click Reset iCON to restore the last shortcut key. If the shortcut key is deleted, it cannot be restored, and it can be restored if it is replaced.

There is no limit to the number of shortcut keys, but it must start with a modifier key and end with a letter key, and there can only be one letter key.

When you click the close button, all settings take effect immediately once modified.

hotkey setting