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Top 10+ Free Online Russian OCR software of 2023

155 million people worldwide or 2.2% of the world's population speak Russian. Russian OCR software may now help you effortlessly accomplish your goals, whether you're dealing with Russian papers or trying to extract text from Russian picture! For this reason, you should use a Russian Picture translator that can simply do Russian OCR PDF and documents.

Many Russian OCR Software exist that may make any task involving turning scanned Russian text into editable text simple. But which one ought to you pick? We'll simplify things for you. In this article, we'll examine the top 10 free Russian OCR software.

What is the best free OCR?

So, let's say you have a Russian document and wish to extract some content from it. You can either manually enter the text from the document or use Russian OCR software to automatically extract the text from the page. It takes a lot of time. As opposed to the Russian OCR tool, which processes more than 1000 pages in a matter of seconds, you must focus on the document while typing slowly. When working with Russian documents, Russian OCR software can help you get more done faster.

What factors are there then while choosing the best Russian OCR? It should ensure a comparatively greater level of OCR accuracy. The accuracy of Russian OCR is the main issue because of the language itself. Most of our users who wish to perform Russian OCR almost certainly have no knowledge of the language; instead, they only want to OCR Russian PDF to Word or into an editable file so they may copy and paste it for translation or other purposes. The best Russian OCR software should therefore produce the most accurate results while maintaining the original file format.

PDNob Russian OCR

Support Input: JPG, PNG, TIFF, Screenshot

Support Output: TXT, DOC, DOCX

As I tested a large number of Russian OCR, the top-ranked one is PDNob Russian OCR tool. Unlike other methods going to be unveiled in this article, this OCR tool can extract Russian not only from images, but also from screenshots, which brings convenience. Even more appealing, the tool works offline, which protects my privacy to the greatest extent possible. This tool offers Windows and Mac versions. You can certainly give it a try.

Here is how I use the screenshot to text function in PDNob Russian OCR. Of course, the image to text function is also useful.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Z for Win or CMD+1 for Mac to activate the screenshot function.

  • The OCR result will show in the pop-up window. We can edit and copy it. Besides, by clicking Translate button, the program will translate it to other language.


Pros of PDNob Russian OCR

  • A user friendly and responsive interface.
  • Offline OCR.
  • Offers batch image-to-text and screenshot-to-text functions.
  • Works on Win and Mac OS.
  • In-built translation function.

Free Online Russian OCR software


Support Input: Image, URL, PDF

Support Output: Text, Doc

A free Russian OCR tool online is i2OCR. It is a free tool that enables you to upload and convert online Russian OCR to English. It is possible to format, modify, index, search, or translate Russian text using the online OCR tool i2OCR. I2OCR can read almost all Russian characters, including any English letters that are present in the file. No information is also disregarded. However, it can only OCR Russian image files. The formatting is hardly affected even if it makes it easier to export files in editable formats like Word.

Pros of i2OCR

  • A plus point about i2OCR as compared to other tools is that it supports more than 60 languages.
  • Via a computer or a URL, a user can upload an image very efficiently.
  • There is no need of registration for a user.

OCR Space

Support Input: Image, PDF, URL

Support Output: Text, Json and searchable PDF is a Russian OCR PDF and image convertor online service to transform text document scans or (smartphone) photos into editable files. The OCR software can also extract text from PDF files.

No registration is required to utilize the Russian Online OCR service. The OCR software accepts PDF documents, JPG, PNG, and GIF image inputs. Multi-column text and multi-page documents are supported by PDF OCR. The only limitation of the free online OCR is that the PDFs or images must be greater than 5MB. Do not web-scrape this page if you need to automate your OCR and process several documents. It is designed for people, not for machines. Please utilize the free OCR API instead.

Pros of

  • Use an automatic table recognition system or scan your receipts.
  • >For the greatest quality, Online OCR Russian to English let your document auto-enlarge.
  • Make a searchable PDF file by creating, editing, and converting it.
  • Choose between two OCR engines for use.


Support Input: Image, PDF, multiple images in ZIP archive, etc.

Support Output: Text, Doc and PDF

A unique and user-friendly free Online Russian OCR tool called makes it simple to convert Russian PDF to word. A web-based online software called NewOCR can extract editable text from scanned documents or photos of text. The software is totally free, and extracting text from photos is a simple process.

Simply upload your image file, which cannot be larger than 1MB, to convert. To begin the process, click the "Send" button after resizing and rotating the image to get the best recognition results. At the bottom of the same page, the recognized text will be shown once it has been finished.

Pros of NewOCR

  • Up to 1 MB in size, compatible with picture files.
  • Support for 29 different languages.
  • Resize and rotate the image to acquire the best recognition results.
  • Choose an OCR-friendly portion of the page.


Support Input: Image, PDF, URL, Google Drive, Dropbox

Support Output: Text, Doc, searchable PDF

OCR2EDIT is a different Russian Picture translator that provides adequate accuracy and conversion settings. You can add files to the online image to text converter by dragging and dropping, uploading from your computer, or entering the image URL. OCR2EDIT gives you the option of batch processing conversions and ensures that your images are converted quickly. The tool will immediately download a text document for you after the conversion is finished.

Pros of OCR2Edit

  • Best Image to Text Converter with the Broadest Language Support.
  • Processing of Multiple Files in Batch.

Easy Screen OCR

Support Input: Images

Support Output: Text

A compatible Online Russian OCR for extracting text from any image on your PC is Easy Screen OCR. Go to its homepage and download it; if you'd prefer, go with the portable version. To extract text from photos, Easy Screen OCR is a free online software. Users can rapidly take a screenshot, extract the text, and save the resulting file thanks to its straightforward design.

Pros of Easy Screen OCR

  • This Russian OCR is 100% free and safe in terms of security.
  • Has advanced OCR engines that are safe and reliable.


Support Input: Images, PDF

Support Output: Text

With the free online Russian OCR tool, you can turn scanned photos into editable text documents as well as convert JPEG and PDF files to Russian PDF or document. Simply upload your file, and our server-side tool will scan it for any content that may be edited. It will then email you the findings, which you can then download as a word document.

Pros of OCRConvert

  • It has a user friendly and responsive interface.
  • Precise and easy image to text conversion.
  • Allow multiple uploads of 5 files.


Support Input: Images, PDF


Convertio is chosen as the best option not just because of its comparatively higher OCR accuracy but also because of a number of free services to customize the Russian OCR. Your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even a URL can be used to upload data at first. You may also include additional languages that are applied in your file for correct recognition. Even so, it provides more output choices and permits partial OCR on particular pages.

Pros of Convertio

  • Integrated OCR tool.
  • Effective across all platforms.
  • Combines well-known cloud services.
  • Batch processing is quick and simple to use
  • About 300 formats are supported.


Support Input: Images, PDF

Support Output: Text

A web based online Russian OCR Tool called Online OCR provides you with a variety of conversion choices that are designed for PDF files. The online application also lets you extract text from photos and instantly convert it into editable Word, Excel, and Text documents in addition to its PDF to Word, Excel, and DOC conversion capabilities.

Pros of Online Convert Free

  • Provides simple options for scanned PDF files.
  • Supports up to 46 languages.
  • Before beginning the conversion procedure, select your output format.


Support Input: Images, PDF

Support Output: Text, Excel

Another top Russian OCR tool is called 2OCR, which can Russian OCR PDF from an image file and use the information for copy/paste or other purposes. You are given two files by the 2OCR tool: the original and the recognized. The recognized file is a searchable PDF that has the same words as the original file did, along with the identical word placement on each page.

Pros of 2OCR

  • This Russian OCR tool is simple, secure and easy to use.
  • Support effective multiple languages.
  • Quickly convert images to editable formats with complete security.


Support Input: Images

Support Output: Text

When you need to convert your scanned documents, images, and screenshots into Russian readable text format, My Free OCR is the best online OCR application to use. Additional features of this tool improve its functionality. It handles low-resolution photos and turns pages automatically when necessary.

Pros of MyFreeOCR

  • Perfect Solution for PNG to text converter.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • >Supports low resolution images.

Wrap up

After carefully comparing all the top Russian OCR Software, pick the Software that best meets your needs. Each of the above mentioned Russian OCR Software has its own advantages.

The quality of the documents and the OCR models affect each Russian OCR software's accuracy differently. We hope that the descriptions of these Software will enable you to make an informed decision over which Russian OCR Software to use. You must take your demands into account before selecting an image-to-text converter. PDNob Russian OCR is the ideal option if you are looking for a user-friendly interface, turning low-quality photos into text or converting multiple images to text at once.

PDNob Image Translator

Screenshot to Text Converter allows you to take up to 100 screenshots at a time and convert screenshot to text instantly.