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How to Convert JPG to Word or Text

JPG is known as one of the most beneficial and well-liked formats for organizing and sharing images online. When uploading photos to the web and sharing them on social media, users from all over the world favor this format.

Its small size is the primary factor in its popularity. The best and most secure format for managing and distributing documents, however, is Word. People from practically every other sphere of life, including teachers, students, researchers, bankers, and others, prefer this format for transferring data from one device to another via the web. You have the finest option to alter your data in this format without any difficulty.

One of the most popular conversions used today is JPG to Word. In the past, users would manually type in text to convert JPEG to Word. This manual conversion or extraction process was challenging mostly due to the time and effort it required. Today, we'll explain how to convert JPG to Word using different methods.

PDNob JPG to Word Converter - Best JPG to Word converter

For those performing data entry work, the JPG to Word converter is important. You frequently need to type text into scanned documents or images in order to prepare files. With the use of our converter, the identical task may be completed in a matter of seconds rather than the manual method' potential length. People can save time and effort by using this cutting-edge tool instead of having to spend it converting JPG to Word.

One of the best JPG to Word converter is PDNob JPG to Word Converter. This piece of software is praised for providing quick, precise, and superior document scanning solutions to all users. More importantly, the system has an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to swiftly convert .jpg to.doc with only one click.

Using PDNOB JPG to Word Converter also makes it simple to alter the text. Editing a JPG file may be time-consuming and complicated, but after it is converted to a Word document, editing is simple. Additionally, you are no longer restricted to using JPG to Word converter on a specific device. PDNOB works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. No matter what device you are using, you won't notice any change in the quality or functionality of this tool. Below are 2 methods for converting JPG to Word with PDNOB JPG to Word Converter.

Method 1: Import JPG to Convert JPG to Word

  • Click the program's right-click menu and choose "Import Images". The left side of the tool will be lined with JPG files saved in your computer. batch OCR
  • Each JPG file in turn will begin to undergo an automatic OCR scan by the PDNob. After scanning, extracted text will be shown on the right side of each screenshot.

  • If necessary, you can adjust the OCR output. If not, select the Export icon to send the result to another word processor in the Word (.txt, .doc, or.docx) file formats.

Method 2: Take a Snapshot to Convert JPG to Doc

  • After launch of PDNOB JPG to Word converter, press Command + 1 for Mac or Ctrl + Alt + Z for Windows to take a screenshot of JPG picture.

    take a screenshot
  • After you've finished taking screenshot of JPG file, the tool will immediately begin an OCR scan and turn it into text that can be edited in the app's editor.

    OCR result
  • To export the extracted text as a .txt, .doc, or.docx file to any word processor, such as an MS Word document, click the Export icon in the top-right corner of the UI.

PDF - Convert JPG to Word

Because the JPG format is so widely used, there are occasionally situations when conversion is necessary. We can convert image to word using PDF on Windows because it is extremely simple to use for converting JPG to Word documents.

  • You can convert a JPG file by opening it. To do this, double-click the JPG file. The JPG file will open as a result. Press the "Print" button. Then From the drop-down menu, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

    microsoft print to pdf
  • Now the JPG image will be saved as a PDF file. Click on the PDF convert file and right click. This will open drop down menu. Click on Open with “Word”.

    open with word
  • Here now the PDF file is converted in an editable Word Document. So in this way you can convert JPG to Word using PDF on Windows.

Google docs - Convert JPG to Word Online

One of the most reliable and secure places to save your data that you can access from any device is Google Drive. You may store important and private documents including spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and more using Google Drive. If you want to convert picture to Word using Google Docs online, you can do so without a doubt. The OCR capability can be used to convert JPG to Text because it is a crucial piece of technology for going paperless.

  • After logging into your Google account, go to Google Drive. When choosing New > File Upload, the JPG file can be loaded.

  • Use the right mouse click menu to choose Open with > Google Docs after the file has been uploaded. Continue reading to learn what happens to the editable text after Google OCR and the JPG file appears in Google Docs. You can adjust if necessary.

    open with google docs
  • When the file is opened, the data is already editable. File > Download As > Word for Windows.

    google docs jpg to word


There will be always a need to convert photo to Word if you frequently work with images. Every word that appears on the image need not be typed again. Nowadays, everything is just simpler thanks to technology. To increase your productivity and efficiency with only a few clicks and without stressing your hands or back, all you need to do is to use PDNob JPG to Word Converter.

You can quickly convert JPG to Word or text using PDNob JPG to Word Converter. Not even PDF or Google Docs can compare to the precision, speed, efficiency, and dependability of PDNOB JPG to Word Converter. With it, you can easily capture, recognize, and translate text from images files.

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